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The story of Design Oriented Territory Workshop started when Realrich Sjarief and his dream team reestablished the long history of craftsmanships that has been lasted for 3 generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia Independence. At that time the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and labours was intimate and personal to service some clients. The practice is well known on trust, quality, and its authentic design innovation in mastery of building construction in Indonesia. Design Oriented Territory Workshop then has been elevated as one of the best laboratory of RAW Architecture and preserve long lasting family tradition of mastering construction.

The Organization The Foundation’s governing bodies include a Board of Directors, which is made up of three members, with an equal number of representatives from RAW, as well as a construction Committee.

Funding DOT Workshop is primarily funded by projects in collaboration with RAW Architecture . Furthermore, proceeds from the construction excellence and donations are used to sustain the programs and activities of the DOT Workshop laboratory, including scholarships for builder to maintain craftsmanship among the generations.

Project Director : Singgih Suryanto

Project Manager : Sudjatmiko, Moel Soemadi

Site Supervisor : Endhang, Eddy Bacthiar, Ano , Jasno, Yudi, Pudin

Administration : Caroline Muljawan, Yuliana Putri, Chindi Arini

Design Associate : Rio Triwardhana